The Ukrainian LS Series

From 2001 to 2004 approximately 1,500 girls aged eight to sixteen years old were said to have been to the agency, child erotica photos and videos produced by the agency were distributed over the Internet to various countries.

The alleged agency, known as Ukrainian Angels Studio, distributed commercial child erotica photography on the web, what was called LS Models and had a number of different domains such as LS Island, LS Magazine, Lolitas on Holiday, LS Dreams and a series of sites under the LS Land moniker.

LS Series illegal preteen porn
LS Series illegal preteen erotica

In July 2004 Ukrainian police, in collaboration with Interpol, raided this softcore child pornography agency, the agency banks account were frozen and a Porsche car belonging to the main organiser and computer equipment were seized.

Professional child erotica images and videos

From its creation in 2001 up to July 2004, LS Studio produced hundreds of thousands of high quality images and videos of preteen and young teen girls, all of the images shot by professional photographers in stage sets and custom clothes with make up artist at hand.

LS Magazine naked girls
LS Magazine naked preteen girls

Around 80 different collections were produced with names such as LS-Land, LS-Stars, LS-Barbie, LS-Flash, LS-Girls and LS-Fantasy, they had thousands of online subscriptos worldwide. During the time it operated LS Studios also run an online forum called LS-Forum where people could talk about the models and ask questions.

No sexual touching was ever involved

The first LS series images featured naked little girls in natural poses, during the later years sexually sugestive mannerisms were involved, like naked preteen girls sucking on bananas, blowing kisses to the camera or spreading out their legs, always falling short of any kind of touching or sexual penetration.

LS Studio list of child erotica productions

Name Sets
LS-Magazine (16 photo sets & 8 videos each set) 1 Sweet Things ; 2 Enjoy the Show ; 3 Two Sisters ; 4 Young & Fresh ; 5 Supple Babies ; 6 Another Games ; 7 Happy Holidays ; 8 Happy Birthday ; 9 Real Professionals ; 10 Fashionable Lolitas ; 11 Confidental ; 12 Lively Pers' ; 13 Tough Stuff ; 14 Everything About Me ; 15 Spoilt Babies ; 16 Trinity
(32 photo sets & dozens of videos)
1 Perfects ;  2 Assorties ;  3 Merry Christmas ; 4 Fairyland ;  5 Meadow ; 6 Little Pirates ; 7 Cowboys ; 8 Hots ;  9 Cards Castle ; 10 Waterfall ; 11 Variety ; 12 Siren Drive ; 13 Valentines ; 14 Fairywood ; 15 Little Duchess ; 16 Daisies ; 17 Forbidden Fruit ; 18 Alien Stars ; 19 911 ; 20 Batman's Babies ; 21 Stunning Dolls ;  22 Oriental Nights ;  23 Old Story ; 24 Future School ; 25 Retro Ladies ; 26 Hawaiian Breeze ; 27 Showgirls ; 28 Fairy Garden ; 29 Summer Time ; 30 Light Boxing ; 31 Builders ; 32 Thumbelina
(5 photo sets)
1 Short Skirts ; 2 First Try ; 3 Home Alone ; 4 Pandora's Box ;
5 Sweethearts


Other brands

LS-Fantasy ; LS-Lolita ; LS-Barbie ; LS-Extension ; LS-Girls ; LS-Flash ; LS-Stars ; Touch It ; Little Guests ; Shining Pretties ; Pretty Animals ; Fallen Girls ; Little Virgins ; Little Pearls ; Natural Angels ; Crazy Angels ; Magic Nymphets ; Charming Angels ; Lovely Nymphets ; Gentle Angels ; LS-Show ; Video Nymphets ; Video-2000

Note: The list of child erotica photo series was taken from the LS Model index site that LS Studio managed.

Home Lolita, Magic Lolita series and others

LS preteen erotica was also marketed as Home Lolita, Magic Lolita, Ukrainian Nymphets, LS-Dreams and many other names, all of the naked children photos were in fact coming out of the same LS Studios, they just used different brands.

After LS Studios in the Ukraine was raided and the servers seized organised underground groups with the full photo sets and videos rebranded them under their own name and kept selling it as something new, LS Series has been found at illegal child erotica sites under many other different names.

Naked preteen girl
Naked preteen girl from Magic Lolita series

A common occurence with illegal child porn websites was that when they were brought down the watermark on the photos identifying that site had a new watermark placed over it with a new URL, nowdays child porn websites do not bother watermarking their productions, commercial child erotica producers do not tend to last for long.

X-Validage child porn
Screenshot of old website selling LS series

Commercial child porn website ventures do not tend to last for too long on the Internet, non nude but daring child modelling sites, featuring little girls wearing g-string are known stay up for longer, the more undressed the kids are, the more likely it is that it will be taken down.

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