Child erotica photobooks sold in Japan until 1999

Throughout history there has been thousands of Japanese little girls posing naked in erotic lolita photobooks.

naked preteen girl
Photobook of underage preteen Japanese girl naked

On November 1st 1999 took effect a bill approved by the Lower House of the Japanese National Diet, child prostitution and child pornography is banned, distributing or selling child pornography carries a punishment of up to three years in prison or a fine up to 3 million yen, on the same day, the Publishing Ethics Council released a statement saying that the new law banning child prostitution and child pornography may lead to censorship of publishers.

Lolita Photobook Underage
Underage lolita Photobook (now illegal)

Because the law defines child pornography in vague terms, the council feared that authorities could very well restrict and punish the sale and distribution of certain art or photography books.

Nozomi Kurahashi
Nozomi Kurahashi artistic lolita photobook (now illegal)

U-15 non nude Japanese lolitas

Because artistic child nudity now is illegal in Japan the only available photobooks legally produced for lolita lovers is the U-15 genre (Under 15) a subcategory of the Junior Idol, these non nude lolita videos and photobooks consist of smiling little girls wearing fancy clothes modelling in sweet poses, the more racy U-15 Japanese little girls wears thongs, this is potentially illegal in western countries.

naked preteen girl
Non nude preteen U-15 Japanese girls

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