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Azov Films, first known as MovieBizz and later on renamed as Baikal Films, was a company with business offices in Canada that operated for over ten years until May 2011, the company specialised in commercial coming of age and nudist films featuring young boys that were shot in the Ukraine, Romania and Moldova.

Azov nudist films showed naked preteen boys having fun at home, sauna or at the pool, with no sex involved. The company, 4PSP Inc., was first investigated by Canadian police in 2006 but nothing illegal was found.

Little boys playing naked
Naked preteen boys from Azov films

Toronto Police Service raided the company business offices 1st of May 2011 arresting the owner Brian Way, they seized business records containing customer purchases dating back many years and passed it on to countries around like the world including Australia, Spain, Norway, Mexico and the United States. Those countries started to arrest anybody who had bought the films and charging them with child porn.

During Toronto Police Service press conference the word naturist was hardly mentioned by the spokeswoman, using the term "child sex abuse" instead. In order to describe images of naked kids a few press articles mention that the films contained "horrific sexual abuse" and "some of the most horrific images ever seen".

Were Azov films really child porn?

The affidavits of the arrests quote law enforcement inspector testimonies claiming that the videos show "lascivious exhibition of genitals" and "sexually explicit conduct", they also claimed that 160 videos out of the over 600 that Azov Films sold have been classified as child pornography.

TheStar Article (2) Quote

Cristi became a well-known draw on, receiving top billing and a steady following.


“I have no anger” towards Roth, says Cristi, now 18. “It was not such a big deal as everyone made out.”

What for some could be art or innocent images, for the police it is quickly child pornography. The company is ruled not to break any law one year and and a few years later with very similar productions prosecutors decide that are breaking the law.

Had the main characters in the films been adults and not kids it would have been challenging to to call it pornography.

Preteen boy naked
Preteen boy naked shower from Azov films

Law enforcement affidavits mention that detectives used customer's email addresses to subpoena email providers and ISPs to confirm that the email used to make the order matched credit card details, law enforcement also used computer IP, date and time the purchase order took place, all of this data was extracted from Azov Films servers and the manager's laptop.

To this date, with the operation still not closed, there has been next to four hundred people arrested for buying Azov Films worldwide. The videographer, a German called Markus Roth, was sentenced to two years in prison in Romania and he is already out of prison, the website operator, Brian Way, is awaiting sentencing in Canada.

Download Richard Keller Affidavit

Download Gerard Silva Affidavit

Download Gerald Denault Affidavit

Download Phillip Woolery Criminal Complaint

Download Nicholas Sysock Criminal Complaint

Download Josh Ensley Criminal Complaint

Download Ryan Bieler Criminal Complaint

TheStar Article (1) Quote

On the surface, it appeared to be a legal “naturist” site, showcasing what were billed as artistic films that featured nude boys. But officers decided a closer look was needed, and an investigation was launched in 2006. They looked at Way’s material and found nudity — worrying to many, but not enough to meet the strict legal parameters of child pornography.

Various Azov Films productions

1 Boys of Europa (2009) x 2 discs ; 2 Aviators, The (2009) ; 3 Azov Beach, The (2009) ; Kazantip (2003) ; 4 Igor ; 5 Igor, Igor! ; 6 Just Hangin ; 7 Matter of History x 2 discs; 8 Anton ; 9 Anton Returns ; 10 Lazy Days ; 11 At the beach with Sasha ; 12 At the Park with Sasha ; 13 Out & About with Sasha ; 14 Sasha & Friends x 2 discs ; 15 Sasha Friends Return ; 16 Bikes And Backstroke ; 17 Crimean Vacation (3 video series) ; 18 Crimean Vacation (3 video series) ; Skate Brats (2010) ; 19 Snowballers (2010) ; 20 FKK Paul ; 21 FKK Paul + Calin's Home Video (2011) ; 22 FKK Wilderness ; 23 Water Guns
Baikal Films productions
(Dozens of other titles)

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